LuK Group production is characterised by the broad-based expertise of a metalworking company in the automotive supplier industry. Examples here are our core production competences, e.g. at the headquarters in Bühl. In the pre-production area these include in particular the pressworks, heat treatment and machining, which are characterised by superb organisation and the highest product quality. The final assembly area is where the LuK products are put together. An interesting fact: many of the machines in the LuK production centre are designed and built in the company's own custom machinery workshop!


The LuK Group has earned the title of "Technology Leader" not just for its wide range of drive train-related products. And with the pressworks in the head office in Bühl the company possesses an ultra-modern production facility providing around 15,000 m2 high tech pressing and forming plant.


Heat treatment
The machinery comprises more than 60 systems at the LuK headquarters. The material properties of a wide range of components such as diaphragm sensor springs, clutch plates, bolts or slides are positively modified here. Processes include case hardening, annealing and induction hardening.


The machining of work pieces, i.e. shaping by drilling, milling or reaming, is carried out at the LuK site in Sasbach, around 10 km away from Bühl. Parts for the dual mass flywheel, clutch discs and torsion vibration units are the major components in the modern pre-production process.


The manufacturing area at the LuK headquarters in Bühl is centred above all around one of LuK's core products, the dual mass flywheel. Meanwhile the neighbouring plant at Bußmatten is focuses on disc sets and the chain for the stepless CVT transmission and on parts for the LuK release system.


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